The Journal of antiprincess.
Crystal Marie 01-03-08 23:05
I'm not sure when this all happened.

But I am so sorry crystal marie.
I didn't mean to end us, but I guess I did. You don't want me around anymore. I failed you, I promised that I'd always protect you always be there and I failed. its just criss, there is so much you dont know about me. So much I kept away from you because I wanted you to trust me. to not think I was weak. Now your angry with me all the time and I've failed. Michael said all of that kept me strong but I dont believe him, I am weak. I saw so much of me in you I wanted to make sure you knew everything you needed to. I wanted you to be all the stronger and know and see the world for what it is and manage to still be happy where I am bitter. I wanted you to be happy. And I am sorry for messing up your life criss. I am so so so sorry. I hope you dont really hate me but I just couldn't support you and him anymore. He had to many of the signs I'm sorry.
So sorry. I love you honey, and I'll always be there if you need me.
New Years Eve 12-31-07 17:18
Happy new years eve sillys out there
hope its amazing!
I will post my review of the year tomorrow sometime.

Hello, 12-25-07 20:32
Hello my name is antiprincess. I'm new to elowel. Actually my name is jessica. :) You may call me jess if you want Or rainbow child....Dont ask inside joke. I guess I must warn you my thoughts are eratic and my posts will be the same.... read laugh. I accept all. ask me anything. Anyways love you all -Jess